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Exclusion of multifunctional shopping habits

Jiaxing Xingjie Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2015

Most of consumers hopes in purchased items shí can has variety of additional function exists, so only will feel real super by value, but such of shopping concept in purchased part of products shí actually does not suitable, especially in has security considered of products shàng, expert told people: on design of views for, as products, mutual tie assembled or total with of parts more more, also of may will produced problem of proportions also will increased, especially in has security of products shàng, by provides of should is clear of and non-total with of, So is provides real of security protection; further of to security test standard of angle for, people front mentioned of is, baby products of security test project, main are is for baby using when of situation to do for simulation test content, so, different of products by provides of function and the using State are not same shí, is must through different project of test content; and if as products has variety different of using function shí, certainly each items of function are needed meet security, otherwise words, Choice of products offers you a variety of functions, but it may greatly reduce the security of single use, if you are a baby's safety as a starting point for reflection, when your baby while you are using the additional functionality for this class of products, is suitable for this kind of safety standards? Issue to consider is what you absolutely must, therefore, if your starting point is the child's safety and comfort, then such products, must be carefully considered.