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Logistics vehicles application scope and advantages

Jiaxing Xingjie Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2015


Logistics vehicles are often used in large supermarket or Factory Logistics and distribution logistics flow between operations.


Logistics, production handling tool, to make production line space to do its work;

Second, plan production, save manpower, reduce costs to achieve high productivity and high quality;

Third, mainstream product handling, ensuring that people, goods handling processes, security, and reliable;

Four, large storage space and flexible, foldable collection does not occupy the space.

Five, with badges, a clear process, delivering flexible operation is simple.

Six, higher mobility and structural appearance, electrostatic spray surface treatment, and long service life.

Easy to transport.

Eight, with round tubes welded surface and cooperated with clamp connections, and can be folded.

Nine, high mobility, scientific design, reasonable structure, beautiful.

Ten additional laminates, according to customer requirements and activities with 4-wheel, and facilitate the movement of goods, and join the connector connected to the forklift.

Third, professional design, easy operation, saving time and effort. Widely used logistics and distribution industries and manufacturing industries. Is a small

Object handling essential choice, handling, storing, displaying a variety of uses.