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A Supermarket Trolley "running" Kept Hidden

Jiaxing Xingjie Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2015

Reporters saw many shelves in the supermarket's front and rear and the surrounding area have carts "the form" that they "noodle" across the aisles of the supermarket, or even some aisles have been blocked. Who often come here to shop for old ginger, told reporters that almost every time when shopping, she got to cart away, very inconvenient. And also very worried that some "run" of shopping carts hit the public, like her old man is likely to be hurt. Ginger Granny also says: "many people in the supermarket, this habit is bad, it is necessary to other people into trouble, and are likely to affect the safety of themselves or others. "Other supermarkets in our city, reporters saw a similar situation, customers take away items in the car, conveniently push carts, particularly in clusters near the cash register is misplaced.