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Degree Of One-dollar Coins Cart Improve The Shopping In The Supermarket

Jiaxing Xingjie Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2015

Reporters found at RT-Mart supermarket, the need to pay a deposit when you use supermarket trolleys. When the specific approach is to use a cart, first in carts on the one-dollar coins into specially designed locks in the lock, after use the shopping cart to the drop-off point, chains on the "key" connected to the front of the trolley, one-dollar coins ejecting the card slot is returned to the consumer. Seemingly minor one-dollar coins, but civilization promoted a lot of shopping.

According to supermarket staff, in the past, most customers shop after the free throw put the shopping cart in the supermarket aisle, affecting the shopping environment. Now the "Trolley" approach, got a lot of support from the public. People Miss Wang said: "this money isn't really going to cost you to use the car, buy when it's done as long as the lock and other shopping cart lock together, money could be taken out. This approach reduces the phenomenon of misplacing car, convenient supermarket management. "Mr CHAN to say, one dollar coins cart back, so civilized," "home, businesses should really learn from this practice and promotion.