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Baby stroller features analysis

Jiaxing Xingjie Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2015

1, sunshades: for babies, there was a wind-proof rain awning, is one of the trolleys conditions, awning size relates to the visor range, and the effects of wind. In addition, there is also a specially designed umbrella, can be fixed on the frame, and then changed the direction and level of function, the advantage is able to grasp the direction of sunshine did more ventilation, some awnings also has the function of UV-resistant, and available references.

2, upholstery: cushion with baby can be said to be the most fitting place, designed in accordance with strollers the size or different folding ways of tailoring. In General, the larger and thicker horizontal car and some lightweight umbrella seat pad for larger and thicker and some lightweight umbrella because light requirements usually supported only a single layer of fabric. Note also that, after seat load deep down just a little, which is supported, otherwise the baby will sit uncomfortable. In addition, in order to protect the young in the head, you can choose to have a soft design of the head cushion.

3 the backs of chairs: chairs with fixed-angle screw with adjustable back into two categories; a horizontal stand about adjustable to a lying position, less than a year old baby need to, lay another cart design, suitable for baby to rest for a short time. Horizontal cart usually relatively large and bulky because of the complex structure, the choice on the aluminum frame and emphasize light, seat back adjustment is usually fixed or adjusted angle.